Tye Whitely

Professional writer for 10 years, with experience in creative, magazine, business & academic writing. Author of “50 Tips for the HBCU Student” & several children’s books. Written and directed materials for Chatham County School System and Georgia Virtual Academy. Familiar with HTML, VTML and java. Familiar with several desktop publishing programs for both electronic and print publishing. Editor and creator of business newsletters and various corporate and business materials. Experienced in grant writing, script writing and creation of market materials.
Kids in the House

Giving Your House a Baby Makeover: Tips on Baby Proofing Your Home

A baby’s first year means rapid development. One day they are helpless infants and the next they are moving around the house, eager to explore every nook and cranny. It is because babies have an insatiable appetite for discovery that it is important for parents to baby proof the home. According to the National Safety Council, mechanical suffocation causes the most home fatalities in children ages 0-4.
Georgia Virtual Academy Leadership Symposium

From Makeover to Takeover: The Development of Adolescent Girls Into Leadership Roles

The role of females in society has been a heavily debated topic for centuries. While there have been instances of women leading and forging paths for guidance, those instances have been few in comparison to their male counterparts. Today, however we live in a society in which women can acquire the skills needed to become a formidable leader during her adolescent and young adult years. There has been no greater time than the present to channel the talents, intelligence and strengths of young ladies into a formula for a great leader.